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Doing a shoot - where to start

If you are considering a shoot but have no idea what you want or where to start,
here are some basic questions that you can ask yourself
in order to establish what you want out of this when approaching me:

A. What type of shoot would you like to do? (note that many people choose more than one category and that some categories can overlap with others):

1) Glamour
2) Boudoir
3) Simulated nude
4) Artistic/Fine art nude
5) Pregnancy

C. Why do you want to do this shoot?

1) To boost my self-confidence
2) For marketing reasons i.e. for my model portfolio etc – please specify if applicable
3) To give as a gift/anniversary gift to my partner
4) To give as a present to my friend
5) To celebrate my weight loss/a change I’ve made in my body/appearance
6) To spark my love life
7) As an artwork to add to my home
8) For fun!!!
9) I’ve done this before & want to relive the experience
10) I’ve never done this before and want to try something daring for a change
11) Other

D. What type of lighting would you prefer?

1) Bright & glitsy
2) Low light & shadows
3) Dark & eerie
4) Soft & sensual
5) Natural

E. Are there any outfit/accessories/props you have or any image(s) that comes to mind that you want to bring along to the shoot or want to show me?

F. Do you want the images afterwards to be:

1) Of a private nature, for your & other participants eyes only (i.e. as a present to your loved one)
2) Of a public nature – for everyone to see (i.e. do you want to hang it on your bedroom wall or show it to your family)
3) A combination of some public & some private