SEE-THROUGH IMAGES - Photography by Alice

Every Man

Every Man: Portrait, underwear, casual & professional portraits 

This section is dedicated to all the men out there: for the fathers, sons, grandfathers, friends, partners and husbands. Here’s to being man and being proud of it!

Alice caters for a wide range of styles:

Fashion Photos: Every man deserves to be appreciated for his fashion style and class. With fashion photography, the focus is on the specific outfit, accessories and shoes from which determines the mood & set-up of the photo. Fashion photos can be taken outdoors, indoors or in studio.

Street Style Photos: These style photos are often taken in an urban setting, i.e. against buildings or other settings that is primarily associated with Cities or City life. It can be posed photos or photos of men going about their daily lives. This style can be used for any type of photography i.e. fashion, band promotion, artistic, creative, alternative style or even family photos.

Family Photos: To all the fathers, sons, grandfathers, friends, partners and husbands. Let’s show our place as role model and be proud of who we are and who we have touched throughout or lives. It is a celebration of our interaction with our loved ones – moments in time that can be captured forever!

Sexy/Underwear: So what if you would like to have a few naughty photos done but do not want to strip fully nude. There is a solution. Underwear shots for men can be every bit as sexy and attractive as female lingerie! Or, if you feel too uncomfortable in your undies, why not try swimwear? Either way, there is no excuse not to look and feel sexy!