See-through Images
by Alice

Auckland based female photographer 
specialising in Weddings, Portraits, Glamour and Artistic Nude Photos.


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My name is Alice and I’m a professional female photographer, based in Auckland.

Dare to follow the white rabbit
through the looking glass?
Come join me in my wonderland
where time stands still...

I cater for:
  • Weddings!Big or small. Formal or casual.
  • Women of all ages, looks, shapes and sizes.  
  • Men of all orientations.  
  • Male-female couples photography.
  • Lesbian and gay couples photography..
I specialise in:
  • Weddings
  • Romantic photography  
  • Glamour photography
  • Gay & Lesbian photography
  • Artistic and Simulated Nude photography
  • Outdoor & Naturist photos  
  • Pregnancy photos
  • Lingerie photos
  • Alternative & Fantasy photos


Weddings & Events

This is YOUR special day. A day you have been waiting for your whole life. It is certainly a day that you would want to capture!

Alice can cater for a wide variety of weddings, whether big, small, intimate or extravagant, for straight, gay or lesbian couples, at any location and for any type of religion or non-religion. Alice can cater for all your personal needs and specifications.

Please contact Alice for a very affordable quote on wedding or events packages.

Same sex marriages in New Zealand

Alice photographs any type of wedding whether you are a heterosexual, bisexual or homosexual couple. So why not contact Alice to capture your special wedding day as a same sex gay couple? As an experienced female wedding photographer Alice can photograph any type of wedding you might have from the conventional to the very unconventional types of wedding photography – whether formal, semi-formal, casual or unconventional. Alice will combine everything you need into one set of magical, breathtaking wedding moments of you and your same sex male or female partner – i.e. romantic, sensual, artistic, elegant and special. This is your wedding day and your moment to share as a gay couple and be proud of it – so just relax and Alice will capture it for you.

Artistic Nude Photography

Artistic nude photos can include anything from full body shots to close up shots of specific body parts. A photo shoot is a co-operative process and Alice will show you the images as you go along during the shoot. Alice can also provide many props during photo shoots to add to the sensual & sexy environment or to create an interesting & creative theme, although artistic nude photos can be sexy and artistic even without any other props as the main focus is always on the natural body and its beauty and sensual energy.

While you might find that many photographers go for the same style with all their shoots when it comes to artistic nude photos, Alice is very diverse and creative and can offer you a fun, unique and interesting photo shoot! As a young female photographer who works for an international modelling agency, Alice is also very in touch with the latest styles, trends and fashions.

Examples of artistic nude photo shoots include (but aren’t limited to) the following:
  • Glamour (i.e. something more aimed at the person’s sexuality – these images are usually more bright & flashy and focus on the body as well as the face);
  • Natural lighting (i.e. making use of natural indoor or outdoor light);
  • Soft or intimate studio lighting
  • Low light (photos which focus on light & shadow & the curves & shapes of the nude body).

Female Nude Photography
: View Photos

Art nude photography is there to capture a woman in her true natural, yet sexy form. Art and sexy can collide to form a very powerful image and make for very sensual photos. It is ideal for any woman of any age, who wants to show off her true natural curves and beautiful body.

Female nudity is one of the most powerful and sexy ways to express yourself as a woman - and only a woman truly understands what it means to be a woman. This is why Alice captures the female essence and soul so perfectly through her lens! She understands a woman's sensuality. Alice is Auckland's premier female photographer for sensual, romantic, intimate, sexy and nude work. A woman photographer for the photography of women!

Many women feel that they are not sexy or young or confident enough to pose nude for a photo shoot, however, they would be surprised to know that most of the clients that Alice photographs, are not necessarily young, hot super models! They are normal women, sometimes mothers or daughters or wives or girlfriends. They are normal women who play out super roles in these figures and, for that reason their true colours are every bit as sexy & powerful as any super model out there would be! Every woman is sexy – it is just a matter of convincing themselves that they are.

Consider giving a spouse a unique and once in a life-time perfect anniversary gift! Either surprise your wife or girlfriend with the gift of purchasing a romantic and intimate shoot or give your husband kinky, sexy, sensual professional photos of yourself!

Photos are professionally retouched and digitally enhanced to make you look younger and capture your perfect beauty - see yourself as you've never seen you before! Studio lighting and professional directing ensures you are captured from perfect angles and removes imperfections.

No matter what your preference is: Romantic honeymoon photos, sensual and glamour work, soft and artistic nudes, or just plain sexy - Alice can cater for your taste and style preference.

Male Photography
: View Photos

Whilst you may find many photographers specialising only in female nudes, Alice also has extensive experience in photographing male nudes as well.

Very popular amongst gay singles or couples (and increasingly popular amongst straight men), getting yourself photographed for your partner, or buying a photographic shoot to get your partner photographed is the perfect gift idea for anniversaries or birthdays.

Artistically photographed male nudes can be every bit as eloquent and sensual as females, and just as sensual. Accompanied with professional photographic retouching services to make any man look like a dream!

Men have the same need to express themselves in a sensual way and Alice, as female photographer, understands these needs and has an eye for what would make for a sexy photo. 

Most men think that they need to be sexy, hot body builders in order to look sexy in a photo, however, this is an illusion created by media as very few people actually look like that. Each person has a unique characteristic that makes them sexy and Alice’s job is to capture that during a photo shoot.

Whether you want health and fitness photos, or perhaps sport photos taken of yourself or sensual photos or romantic photos for a partner, or even for a particular line of work you might be in - Alice has extensive experience and talent in photographing male nudes.

Male photography doesn’t need to be nudes only. It can also include photos of sexy underwear, swimwear or simulated nudes. Even just without a shirt a man can look sexy & hot!

Couples Photography
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Feel the romance! Spark up the intimacy! Light the fire between you and your partner with a sexy and sensual photo shoot of you as a couple. The perfect anniversary present for yourself! Buy a romantic and intimate photo shoot from Alice.

Couples often have a unique, sexually powerful and intimate energy between them and this is what Alice wants to capture. It doesn't matter if you've never posed in front of a camera before in your life. Alice will make you feel comfortable in front of the lens, and has a relaxed and informal manner.

There are many different options for couples photo shoots. It can include anything from fully clothed, to partly clothed to underwear/lingerie, right through to artistic nudity. The opportunities are endless!

Give yourselves the gift of a lifetime - photos never fade! They are memories and moments frozen forever in time!

Professionally retouched couple photos to bring out the glamour in you!

It doesn’t matter what type of a couple you are. Alice has experience in photographing couples of all types! Including male-male gay couples, female-female lesbian couples and even polygamous couples e.g. male-female-female.

Some couples like to include others in their photo shoots, i.e. friends or a girlfriend or a boyfriend or another couple. This makes the shoot very fun, intimate, sexy and romantic.

Alice even caters for clients who want photos taken in their Halloween, masquerade costumes or Gothic attire (this could be arranged before you are on your way to the said party/event, however, please enquire beforehand from Alice).
Girl on Girl: View Photos

Sometimes girls just wanna have fun, right? Alice can provide a fun photo shoot for girls who wanna do something fun with their girlfriends or lesbian partners. It needn’t even be nudes or sexual. It can be in lingerie or in sexy costumes, fun, funny or creative! At the same time, it can also be something a little more sexy or kinky if that’s your preference.

Photos which have a story line are very fashionable these days and Alice can provide suggestions as such. This also makes posing come very natural when you have a friend to pose with and can take on a certain role play. Fun photo shoots are a good way for friends to bond in a fun, yet slightly naughty way! You could even purchase a shoot together with your friend/lesbian partner as a gift to her. This will make it more personal.


Naturist or Nudist Photography

Artistic nudity can also include natural nudity, which is quite popular amongst nudists or naturists. Alice understands the fundamentalisms of nudism and can provide outdoor photo shoots or shoots at nudist beaches for people who enjoy this open and free lifestyle. This can include action shots, sports photos, family photos, couples photos, landscape photos, nature photos or just plain casual photos on a lazy afternoon in the sun.

Glamour Photography
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Glamour photography is the perfect gift for a partner. Glamour photography is also popular amongst models for model portfolios. Alice believes that glamour photography isn’t limited to women only, and can apply to men as well.

What is Glamour photography you might ask? Glamour photos are photos which focus on the sexual energy of the subject and are often depicted in a romantic sense. It may differ from Artistic nude photos in the sense that glamour photos do not have to be nude photos. Artistic nude photos normally focus on the shapes and curves of the natural body, whereas glamour photography focuses on the sexual energy that the subject transcends through the lens. Glamour photos are often done with bright lighting or studio lighting, however, isn’t limited to this.

Glamour photos can be taken in anything that’s sexy and alluring, i.e. in a sexy evening dress or cat suit, or maybe in a nice set of lingerie/underwear or in a beautiful corset, nice shoes etc. Glamour photos can also be done in the nude form or simulated nude form.

Alice can provide different props and accessories during a shoot and, as female photographer, can offer great guidance or fashion tips.

Lingerie & Boudoir Photos
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Lingerie photos are a great method of creating wonderfully sexy and romantic photos, without the need to be fully nude. A lot of people feel more comfortable with wearing some form of lingerie as opposed to posing nude, or as a method of "warming up" before proceeding on to more daring photos!

In order to understand boudoir, we need to investigate its origins. Historically the boudoir was the private suite of rooms for a lady, typically used for bathing and dressing, adjoining to her bedchamber. The boudoir was also used as a private drawing or embroidery room or for spending time with a romantic partner in later periods.

Boudoir means "Bedroom" in French and it represents the perfect way to bring spark into the bed!

Today, boudoir photos can be taken partly clothed or with lingerie, in a studio with a romantic set-up or in a hotel room or even in your own bedroom. Great wedding gift for brides to be but also a great gift between couples!

Pregnancy & Babies
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Pregnancy is a very special time in a woman's life. It is a fleeting moment and passes very quickly. Today it is very popular to photograph yourself while pregnant. It is a rare moment of spectacular beauty that a woman transcends through very briefly - but this beauty can be captured forever in the form of a photo!

Pregnancy photos can be anything from clothed to semi-clothed to simulated nude to artistic nude. Some pregnant women even want a photo shoot with a creative, alternative or dark twist in them. There is certainly no need to limit yourself to the possibilities of shoot ideas. Whatever your needs are, Alice can cater for all of them!

Simulated Nudes

Simulated nudes are photos depicting nudity, without showing the naughty bits and do not need to be censored.

Simulated or perceived nudes are photos that are artistic and tasteful. It highlights the beauty of the nude figure in a style and fashion that is socially acceptable.

Simulated nude photos are perfect if you want to frame a sexy and sensual photo of yourself against your living room wall without revealing too much to the world. It's the perfect way to show yourself off, without showing what you don't want to show!

If you have never posed nude in your life before and you are too nervous about posing fully nude, yet, you want something that’s a little more naughty than clothed photos, simulated nude or perceived nude photos are a good alternative. Another example where simulated nude photos or perceived nude photos come in handy, is when a client wants a nude shoot done to show to a partner or for themselves, yet, at the same time, they also want to show part of the photos afterwards to close friends/family. Whatever your preference, Alice can cater for it.

Alternative Photo Shoots : View Photos

If you are looking for something slightly out of the ordinary; whether dark, gothic, punk or fantasy style, Alice can offer different locations and styles for the darker at heart. Abandoned locations, spray painted walls, urban settings, beaches or even nature set-ups are popular locations often used for alternative photos or fantasy photos. Combined with funky props, make-up and interesting outfits, this is the ultimate experience of creating photos with a twist.

Auckland based - servicing New Zealand!

Alice is Auckland’s premier female photographer for glamour, boudoir, gay and nude photography! However it is not only Aucklanders that is photographed by Alice, she has worked with numerous clients from all over New Zealand, North and South island and provides a really unique and specialised service in New Zealand.